Plastics network

Global expertise in plastic

Planet Commerce is an international operating specialist for technical injection moulding. Starting with OEMs, its customers encompass the entire supply chain throughout a wide range of industries

Planet Commerce is providing entire knowledge and a wide range of experience in plastics with a tight network of international plastics industry contacts, particularly in Eastern Europe and Asia.

It’s always good to know, who can do what well, where.



Tool making

Shaping a successful project

Every tool-making project starts with a design analysis of the plastic part to be produced. On the basis of this, plastic-specific options for improvement are identified.

The ability to meet standardised requirements for materials, systems, project management and implementation, forms the basis of collaboration with our partners in tool-making worldwide. Close cooperation and dialogue throughout the manufacturing process ensure projects are carried out with the utmost precision.

Compared to traditional tool making, the benefits of our international partner network are higher economic efficiency, speed and access to expertise, whatever the project or issue.



Injection moulding

Repeatable perfection

Planet Commerce’s global reach in the plastics technology business is a product of close collaboration with leading injection moulding manufacturers in key markets.

Our services include providing state-of-the-art injection moulding technologies as well as processing various types of thermoplastics and elastomers.

All our partners work to recognised car industry standards for process management, quality and environmental standards.




Sophisticated crafted for maximum visual impact

Planet Commerce’s portfolio comprises various finishing techniques, as varnishing, printing and laser etching. Finally, as our unique capability, plastic electroplating by in-house process.




The best connections for your product

Rounding off the injection-moulding process chain, Plant Commerce provides tailored assembly solutions including mechanical as well as electronic testing.

These labour intensive post processes can be completed cost effectively by Planet Commerce’s partners in Asia and Eastern Europe.


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